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Joe T. Baker III

Author | Speaker | Influencer

Joe T. Baker is an Author, Speaker, and Social Media Influencer known for his redemptive history from being in prison for ten years to authoring a bestselling book titled, The Life of Boo Baker. 

Joe has mastered the art of storytelling and continues to use his experiences to provide light and wisdom to his audience. 

The book that changed it all. 

The Life of BOO BAKER is an autobiography about Joe Baker III, who was molested, in and out of juvenile, and eventually spent ten years in prison where Christ found him. Don't miss out on this powerful testimony that went viral on TikTok. 

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Requested by Readers...

The Life Sunday to Sunday is a 3-part series that was written during Joe's prison sentence. Upon his release, he began selling them at the local malls in Nashville, TN. Due to the recent requests about the series, Joe put together all 3 books in an ebook format for instant reading. Get it now!